First week of gSchool

This is the end of week one in gSchool, and I’m learning so many new things. Every day, we are introduced to new content and then we immediately are asked to apply it.

It feels like I am getting a taste of everything, but I haven’t been given the time to take in a full meal yet. It is frustrating, and at the same time, exciting. I wish I could master one element, or be able to enjoy a full meal, before I am given the next. It’s like being at a restaurant and trying to take multiple trips to the buffet line with your plate still full. Gross. Guess I’ll get over it.

This will take repetition, I am realizing. With so much going into my brain, there seems to be little time to put it all into practice. At the beginning of gSchool, we were encouraged to take risks and play. I have accepted that I will not know all the tools or even the rules before I start.

We worked on HTML and CSS this week. This is a journey, and we are learning as we code, or coding to learn. I am enjoying the problem-solving and solution-finding aspects of coding, but I feel limited by my (lack of) knowledge of the tools. For instance, I wish I knew all the elements and selectors and rules to CSS. This would make it feel like I had more options available. I do find it valuable to know where to find resources that describe how to use certain tools.

Right now, I am spending a lot of time looking things up and finding the solution (or asking someone to explain something) and then trying it myself.

My motto right now: More playing, more trying, more reading.